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Month: December, 2011

The Roman Catholic philosophy and the fair distribution of wealth

by R. Rodríguez Bencomo

Pope Leo XIII on May 15, 1891 authored a Papal Encyclical – a latter by His Holiness to a particular audience of Bishops – titled Rerum Novarum (on Capital and Labour) – see here -. In it he addressed the pervasive arguments of socialists, popular at the time, about the abolition of private property through the acting capacity of the State. In his encyclical the Holy Father addresses the inherent unfairness posed by socialist’s schemes and affirms people’s natural right to hold private property and enjoy its fruits without shame or blemish. Read the rest of this entry »


Step towards maturity

by R. Rodríguez Bencomo

There are things in the world that can fill us with hope in the human might and there are things that are so insurmountable that wise people can only accept them with philosophical resignation and acknowledge that the world is as God intended, not as we want it to be. That small measure of humility, anchored in our faith about something bigger than men, is being lost little by little under the weight of the liberal dogma Read the rest of this entry »

Security dilemma of the Niqab

by Marzouk Ahmed

A sociologist in Quebec carried out a experiment at university where a male wore a niqab and gloves (usually worn by the most extremist/fundamentalist Muslims around the globe) for an entire day. He was able to go in and out of female restrooms, shop in lingerie stores, and go in a few banks. A few minutes later after each visit, the Sociologist went into the banks and asked if anyone had seen a man fitting his description. No one saw him. Can you imagine how dangerous this could be? Read the rest of this entry »

Spot the Problem

by R. Rodríguez Bencomo

Let’s play a hypothetical mental game. Let’s analyse a current development in Canadian society and see if we can spot what is wrong with it. This game is similar to spot the difference, but more fun because it usually involves unmasking leftists and moral-relativists and, let’s face it, that is fun. So gather around the fire and let’s play Spot the Problem, because the topic this time is multiculturalism. Read the rest of this entry »

Tolerance of intolerance

by Marzouk Ahmed

It has been a common phenomenon among all Western nations to be very tolerant and multicultural. Yet, if one speaks out and is critical about certain aspects of multiculturalism one is labeled as racist bigot and called an advocate for hate speech. Read the rest of this entry »

What is multiculturalism?

by Marzouk Ahmed

We have learned something the hard way, but which a lot of well-meaning people in the Modern West especially Canada where I currently reside has a hard time accepting: All human beings are equal, but all cultures and religions are not. The culture of the Western Enlightenment is better. Read the rest of this entry »

Canada and the Kyoto negotiations in Durban, South Africa

by R. Rodríguez Bencomo

Among the many problematic developments in the world now, there is one which should stand out as an eyesore to Canadians and fair-minded people all around the world. The case in question in the international talks taking place in Durban, South Africa with the aim of renewing the Kyoto Protocol agreement. Read the rest of this entry »