Spot the Problem

by R. Rodríguez Bencomo

Let’s play a hypothetical mental game. Let’s analyse a current development in Canadian society and see if we can spot what is wrong with it. This game is similar to spot the difference, but more fun because it usually involves unmasking leftists and moral-relativists and, let’s face it, that is fun. So gather around the fire and let’s play Spot the Problem, because the topic this time is multiculturalism.

But first,

Mul-ti-cul-tur-ral-ism (noun)

  1. describes the idea that all cultures are essentially similar and equivalent, equally worthy of praise and preponderance in the national sphere, sometimes regardless of whether there is an actual demographic presence to support it.
  2. Dogmatic belief espoused by atheists, leftists and relativists, said to supersede other forms of the cognitive process i.e. reasoning.
  3. Its most vibrant form sustains that while all cultures are equal, the Western culture is less equal than all others and thus less worthy.

Now, on to the million-dollar question: what is wrong with multiculturalism?

Hint: if you answered everything, you are right.