Security dilemma of the Niqab

by Marzouk Ahmed

A sociologist in Quebec carried out a experiment at university where a male wore a niqab and gloves (usually worn by the most extremist/fundamentalist Muslims around the globe) for an entire day. He was able to go in and out of female restrooms, shop in lingerie stores, and go in a few banks. A few minutes later after each visit, the Sociologist went into the banks and asked if anyone had seen a man fitting his description. No one saw him. Can you imagine how dangerous this could be?

Face veils (niqabs) are dangerous. Adult men can hide their identities in them as well as women who will never be integrated into society. If these people want to live in Western countries per se , they need to realize that covering their face in public areas is as unacceptable to us, as a western citizen walking into Mecca in a Bikini would be for muslims. Now a lot of muslim activists and liberal thinkers have constantly argued that the free West should not be compared with the backward Muslim states where these people come from. Once again we let the Liberal Media derail us from the major issue here. These people came to the West to escape from those backward societies, but yet carry on with their tribal culture. The liberal media always tries to sugarcoat the issue but the truth cannot be kept at bay for long. Even they think that those Muslim countries are backward and are not compatible with our free republics. So if a closer look is taken, they are implying that these are backwards activities that are performed in fundamental Muslim nations and societies. So I ask the Liberal media and its conscious followers; if it is such a backward idea that is not compatible with our society and cannot be integrated into our countries, why let it happen? It is not only a matter of oppressing women any more. There is also a security problem along whit it. We already live in unsafe times – are we going to increase the security problems? If the face of a criminal can’t be seen it will take ages for the law enforcement departments to catch the him or her. Once again, if they want to live this way, I’m sure a one way ticket back to their motherland is always available. Why live in the West?Image