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Multiculturalists attack on Quebec

by R. Rodríguez Bencomo

There is a question brewing in the Canadian punditry since the last Federal election saw the implosion of support for the separatist Bloc Québécois in Quebec. There is a great concern in the province- or so it seems- about what is going to be of their unique identity.

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Change of Image for West: Soultion for all

by Marzouk Ahmed

Most of the world always complain how The United States Of America is evil and conducts unethical behavior all over the globe. Regardless of the fact the America is the one of the most free republics or probably the most free republic in the world people still try to demean their quality. Nevertheless all this criticism has never stopped immigrants from all around the world even from the places where they can not seem to even like America for a moment like for example in the Islamic World where America or the Western Civilizations  is portrayed as a “Evil Zionist Jew Loving Islamophobes” . This is the reason America and the all its other Western Allies that has spread knowledge all around the world for a long time since Western Christian Renaissance  must change their public image. As long as the Muslims  in the Islamic Nations perceive the West as an immoral Civilization, they will resent us telling them how to live their lives. They will view us as their enemy because we pose a threat to their beliefs, values and culture. Here is  an idea. How about sending all Muslims in the West to the Islamic country of their choice or their Origin, and allowing Christians and Jews from those countries to enter the West? That way, they won’t have to be offended by us, and we won’t have to put up with them killing us, and their women, in our countries. We are corrosive to their culture, and they are incompatible with us.We are not lying about Islam. We are unveiling its truth. We are teaching the real Islam. If Islam is ugly and abhorrent, we are not responsible. Time has come that this veil be lifted and truth be seen. If what you see is disgusting, don’t break the mirror.

Security dilemma of the Niqab

by Marzouk Ahmed

A sociologist in Quebec carried out a experiment at university where a male wore a niqab and gloves (usually worn by the most extremist/fundamentalist Muslims around the globe) for an entire day. He was able to go in and out of female restrooms, shop in lingerie stores, and go in a few banks. A few minutes later after each visit, the Sociologist went into the banks and asked if anyone had seen a man fitting his description. No one saw him. Can you imagine how dangerous this could be? Read the rest of this entry »

Spot the Problem

by R. Rodríguez Bencomo

Let’s play a hypothetical mental game. Let’s analyse a current development in Canadian society and see if we can spot what is wrong with it. This game is similar to spot the difference, but more fun because it usually involves unmasking leftists and moral-relativists and, let’s face it, that is fun. So gather around the fire and let’s play Spot the Problem, because the topic this time is multiculturalism. Read the rest of this entry »

What is multiculturalism?

by Marzouk Ahmed

We have learned something the hard way, but which a lot of well-meaning people in the Modern West especially Canada where I currently reside has a hard time accepting: All human beings are equal, but all cultures and religions are not. The culture of the Western Enlightenment is better. Read the rest of this entry »

Compassionate justice: Neither just nor compassionate

by R. Rodríguez Bencomo

On Friday September, 9th one of the most terrible miscarriages of justice happened in Edmonton, Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench at the hands of judge Joanne Veit, who handed down a three-year suspended sentence for infanticide to Katrina Effert, convicted of strangling her new-born child and throwing the body over a neighbor’s fence1. Read the rest of this entry »